AQSIQ "national heavy instrument" 35 National Metrology benchmarks approved
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The National Metrology benchmark technology level represents the source of the national measurement value and embodies the highest measurement capability, which is one of the important signs of the national core competitiveness.
AQSIQ "national heavy instrument" 35 National Metrology benchmarks approved
In November 29th, at a press conference held in Beijing, the State Quality Inspection Bureau was informed that after comprehensive review according to law, there were 177 effective legal national measurement benchmarks in China, including 35 National Metrology benchmarks which were newly approved by technical transformation and upgrading. According to the international metrological comparison, 12 of them are in the leading international level, and 115 have reached the international advanced level.
According to Xie Jun, director of the Metrology Department of the State Quality Inspection Administration, the General Administration of quality inspection and inspection has closely organized the national metrological technical force, aggregated measurement resources in the near future, and carried out a comprehensive and systematic review of the original 183 national metrological benchmarks for preservation and maintenance in China. . The result has been announced by the AQSIQ according to law (AQSIQ announcement No. sixty-second 2017). Among them, 35 metrological benchmarks were approved by technical transformation and upgrading, 12 benchmarks were suspended and technical transformation and upgrading were started, and the abolishment of the 6 items that did not meet the needs of current metrology development work and the backward technical level were eliminated. The latest "People's Republic of China National Metrology datum list" compiled by the State Quality Inspection Administration (AQSIQ) has included China's current effective legal 177 national metrological benchmarks and publicly released to the society.
Twenty-first Century is the century of quality. Improving quality is the foundation of national development, the way to build a country and the strategy of a powerful country. Metrology is the technical guarantee for controlling quality and creating quality, and is an important national quality infrastructure. Measurement technology progress is directly related to technological innovation in various fields, and it is the core of upgrading industrial competitiveness to solve key common technical problems for the industry.
The index and technical level of the national metrology standard represent the highest measurement capacity of the state and one of the important signs of the national core competitiveness.
The improvement of measurement benchmark ability will drive the improvement of product quality.
The 35 metrological benchmarks for this release involve 9 fields of mechanics, geometry, ionizing radiation, chemistry, radio, acoustics, optics, electromagnetic and thermal engineering. At the press conference, the president of the Metrology Institute of China made a technical interpretation of the newly released 35 National Metrology benchmarks from the perspective of technology and application.
35 new metrological benchmarks approved for new approval
1. The field of Mechanics (10)
1kg quality reference device
1kg quality proof reference device
1kg quality sub benchmark device
1MN force value reference device
Low frequency vertical vibration datum device
Low frequency horizontal vibration datum device
Intermediate frequency vibration datum device
(0.01~200) m3/h water flow datum device
(0.1~1300) m3/hpVTt method of gas flow datum
(5~2000) L capacity datum device
Two, the field of geometry (2)
- 633nm wavelength sub standard device (304 items in the intermediate Survey Institute and the aviation industry 1)
Three, the field of ionizing radiation (6)
Neutron source strength reference device
4 PI beta (PC) - gamma coincidence activity reference device
4 PI X (PPC) - gamma coincidence activity reference device
- (10~60) kV X ray air contrast kinetic energy secondary reference device
- (60~250) kV X ray air contrast kinetic energy secondary reference device
Graphite cavity ionization chamber 60Co gamma ray water absorption dose reference device
Four, the field of Chemistry (2)
Aqueous solution acidity (pH) reference device
Combustion heat reference device
Five, radio field (1)
10cm thermal noise reference device
Six, acoustics field (6)
A milliwatt ultrasonic power reference device
A watt grade ultrasonic power reference device
A milliwatt grade ultrasonic power reference device
A watt grade ultrasonic power reference device
1kHz ~ 50kHz sound pressure reference device for air acoustic free field reciprocity method
Air acoustic coupling cavity reciprocity method for reference device of sound pressure pairs
Seven, the field of Optics (5)
(220~2550) nm spectral radiance and spectral irradiance reference
(220~2550) nm spectral radiance sub benchmark
(230~2550) nm spectral radiant illuminance datum
Color temperature datum
800nm~2000nm spectral reflectance compared to vice benchmarks "
Eight, electromagnetic field (2)
Direct current EMF sub reference device
Direct current voltage reference device
Nine, the field of temperature (1)
(83.8058~273.16) K temperature auxiliary datum device
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