People's Daily published: continuous upgrading is the lifeblood of enterprises.
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On the 29 day, the 04 edition of the people's Daily published the article "the continuous quality is the lifeline of the enterprise (the nineteen major)", and interviewed the chairman and chief executive officer of millet technology, Lei Jun.
People's Daily published: continuous upgrading is the lifeblood of enterprises.
Continuous improvement is the lifeline of an enterprise (the nineteen most talked about).
Interview with Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Technology
"As a high-tech company with more than 16 thousand employees from a dozen people's start-ups, in the past 5 years, under the guidance of innovation driven development strategy, millet has grown rapidly. The nineteen major reports of the party put forward that deepening the structural reform of the supply side has given enterprises a "reassurance" and a catalyst for development. Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi technology.
In recent years, China's mobile phone and consumer electronics manufacturing industry has gradually gained huge global market share. "The nineteen major reports of the party put forward that China's economy has shifted from high speed growth stage to high quality development stage. In my opinion, how to develop quality is not only a challenge for the traditional industries, but also a question for the high-tech manufacturing industry to answer. According to the Lei Jun, from the birth of the Internet gene to the core technology, such as the chip, from the pure Internet sales to the new retailing of the line and line, it has been set up for just 7 years, and the pace of upgrading millet quality has not stopped.
Last year, millet has been caught in the "annoyance" after rapid growth, and the volume of shipments has declined. Is it going to be fast or slow? Lei Jun decided to put aside the obsession with sales volume, lay a solid foundation and make up for missed lessons.
"The nineteen major reports of the party put forward improving the quality of the supply system as the main direction of attack. The same is true for the micro subject of the market economy, and constantly improving the quality is the lifeline of the enterprise. After slowing down, millet is the first to grasp the quality. Lei Jun believed that upgrading quality must rely on a large number of technological innovations. Up to now, Xiaomi has obtained 4806 authorized patents and 2895 new ones in the past year. Technological innovation not only strongly supports the progress of product quality, but also lays a good foundation for millet to enter the overseas market.
"Technological innovation is not just a shop stall, but also must go to the top and March to the core technology." When talking about "promoting China's industry towards the high end of the global value chain and fostering a number of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters" in the nineteen major report of the party, the Lei Jun has a deep understanding. "Now the global market has shown a hot competition situation that is not going to advance. If the core technology is not mastered, in the long run, the enterprise will be able to do it." Survival is a problem. " Therefore, millet will focus more on the core technology development of chips and screens. In February of this year, Xiaomi released its surging S1 chip, becoming an enterprise that can produce chips and intelligent terminals after apple, Samsung and HUAWEI.
"Quality also needs to be strengthened." Lei Jun introduced that the modern mobile phone manufacturing industry is a very complex systematic project. This industry cluster must advance to the advanced ranks of the world, and must have the leading system integration capability. Lei Jun believes that the growth of the volume of millet shipments declined last year, and the shortage of supply chain is the main reason. For this reason, Xiaomi has set up a hundred person planning team to coordinate the mobile phone department, supply chain and sales to strengthen the integration of production, supply and marketing.
Since the beginning of this year, sales of Xiaomi mobile phones have been reversed, and the shipments rank back to the top five in the world, and they continue to record record shipments for a single season. "The supply side will improve the quality and the demand side will applaud it." Lei Jun said.
"In terms of deepening the structural reform of supply side in the nineteen major reports of the party," convergence "is a key word. Lei Jun told reporters, "fusion Internet plus manufacturing" is the starting point of millet. Now, the nineteen major reports of the party have proposed the promotion of the Internet, large data, artificial intelligence and the deep integration of the real economy. It indicates a new direction of integration, and has stepped on the beat of the market. It is the new growth point that the future entity enterprises should focus on.
Millet tasted the sweetness of the fusion. "Our company's Internet Income Based on big data has nearly $10 billion. AI technology is applied to millet TV, which can recommend content for user intelligence and provide better personalized consumption experience. Millet is building a new generation of artificial intelligence open innovation platform based on smart home. Lei Jun introduced it.
How to further deepen the integration? Taking artificial intelligence technology as an example, Lei Jun is looking forward to strengthening the cultivation and introduction of artificial intelligence scientific research talents and technical talents. At the same time, taking into account the cross disciplinary and cross disciplinary characteristics of artificial intelligence, we should actively integrate the resources of government, production, research and research, and vigorously promote the integration of integration innovation and integration of software and hardware. "It is gratifying that the new generation of artificial intelligence development plan has been introduced, and some related open innovation platforms and major projects have been implemented, and artificial intelligence has a platform for system protection and development." Lei Jun said.

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