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Testing justice

Business Testing is an independent third party inspection service, which can undertake corresponding legal responsibilities. Comply with the relevant laws and regulations and regulations of the state on quality inspection, do not be subject to any interference and interference according to law, not affected by the economic and other interests, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the customers, and ensure the fairness of the data.

The company shall strictly keep confidential information, data and results (including inspection equipment) provided by the customers according to the relevant regulations of the company. The non authorized persons shall not contact the confidential information, technical data and the inspection equipment that have nothing to do with them.

We provide fair, scientific and efficient services to all customers, regardless of the size of the project.

Honesty and trustworthiness

Honesty is the basis and faith is the day

Based on facts and standards, ensure the authenticity of data.

Perform a contract with a customer and comply with a commitment

Science Major

Use advanced talents to introduce advanced machinery and equipment.

Establish strict inspection procedures, check the various aspects of the work to check each other, ensure the independence of inspection, check and audit, and all personnel should strictly observe.

Conscientiously standardize the detection behavior, in strict accordance with the standards and procedures for careful testing, so that the accuracy of test data and correct conclusion.

Service efficiency

Find out the needs of customers and provide them with high quality testing services and comprehensive solutions.

Conscientiously answer the client's advice, make complaints and handle the complaints, investigate carefully, make improvements and give satisfactory answers.