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Chemical analysis

Service Items: Chemical composition analysis, chemical trace analysis, routine examination and non routine test, pollution analysis and detection, chemical impurity identification, material analysis, and many other chemical analysis services.

test method: Direct reading spectrometry, nitrogen and oxygen analysis, wet analysis, atomic absorption trace analysis, ICP analysis, X ray fluorescence spectrometry, carbon and sulfur combustion analysis, energy spectrum analysis.

main detection equipment: direct reading spectrometer, infrared carbon sulfur analyzer (CS-206), energy spectrometer (EVO18), nitrogen oxygen meter, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer (ICP-AES), inductively coupled plasma emission mass spectrometer (ICP-MS), X ray fluorescence spectrometer,

Mechanical test

It provides authoritative mechanical performance testing and evaluation. Mechanical performance testing methods include deformation, fracture, adhesion, creep, fatigue and so on.

Service items: normal temperature / low temperature tensile test, compression / flattening test, shear test, torsion test, bending test, expansion test, cup process test, impact test, peeling test, tearing test, Cloth / Luo / Vivtorinox /Richter hardness test, Mechanical properties of fasteners, Mechanical properties of welded plate (tube).

main tests : universal material testing machine, Brinell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, Vivtorinox hardness tester, Richter hardness tester, impact testing machine, fatigue testing machine.

Metallographic analysis

Metallographic analysis is an indispensable and important means for testing material organization and ensuring product quality.

Service items: conventional tissue analysis, non-metallic inclusions, low fold tissues, grain size, decarburization layer, hardened layer depth, coating analysis, defect analysis, fracture inspection, metallographic section analysis, welding tissue (including heat affected zone, weld, parent material), gray cast iron metallography, nodular iron metallography.

Main testing equipment: sample cutting machine, metallographic polishing machine, metallographic specimen mosaic machine, metallographic microscope, SEM scanning electron microscope.

failure analysis

Failure analysis refers to the analysis of the reasons for the loss of the function of mechanical products and the study of remedial and preventive measures, focusing on the causes of failure and preventive measures. The purpose is to reduce the repetition of similar failures, including metal, plastic, electronic and various materials. Provide analytical skills and expertise to help customers understand and troubleshoot problems.

Our material failure analysis tests include macroscopic analysis, microscopic evaluation, heat treatment, composition analysis and hardness testing.

reverse engineering

By analyzing, decomposing and studying the structure, function and operation of a product, we can produce similar, but not identical, product processes.

Service items: radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing and penetration testing.

Main detection equipment: Ultrasonic flaw detector, radiographic flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector.

Reliability test

Reliability test-environmental test

Service Items: Temperature test, temperature and humidity test, air pressure test, water test, salt fog test, sand dust test, gas corrosion test, ozone aging test, mould test, ultraviolet aging test, combustion test, sand dust test, rain test, anti-interference test, atomization test, reliability growth test, reliability acceptance test, Reliability test, reliability strength test.

Reliability test-Dynamic performance test

Service Items: Mechanical vibration, mechanical shock, drop, collision, steady acceleration test, strength test, stiffness test, seismic test, gap test, three coordinate test, pluggable test, hardness test, elastic test, tensile test, bending test, lacquer test, load test, noise test, pressure test, leakage test. Stability test, expansion coefficient test.

Reliability test-Life environment

Service Items: High temperature. Low temperature working life test, storage life test, constant force accelerated life test, step stress accelerated life test, step stress accelerated life test, progressive stress accelerated life test, endurance life test, durability test, spring durability test, bending life test, impact life test, return life test, rotary life test, rotary life test, rotary life test, rotary life test, and rotary life test Life cycle test, pressure life test, load life test.

Size measurement

Service Items: Parallelism, flatness, roughness, roundness, perpendicularity, three coordinate measurement.