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The Expert Forum Traffic&Transport serves the shared interests of planners/designers, researchers, suppliers, essential users, transport authorities and educators and provides the annual meeting ground for face to face discussions. Focusing on the latest developments and trends deemed to be the currently most relevant, implications and expected impact surface and become tangible.



IIID Expert Network Traffic&Transport


The IIID Expert Network “Traffic&Transport” aims at improving the systematic exchange of information and forging links between individuals and teams which share a common interest in traffic/transport related RTD (Research, Technology Development & Demonstration).
A critical mass of experts (researchers, developers and designers) is brought together by IIID in order to advance towards common strategic goals, to the benefit of individuals, organizations and societies involved in the practice and the consequences of traffic/transport.


The IIID Expert Network Traffic and Transport is:

Member of the Sounding board of the British Department for Transport to review the British traffic signs and the provision of a traffic sign system that meets the challenging needs of the road user

Observer in ES-4 (VMS / Variable Message Signs harmonization) within EasyWay – a project for harmonised Europe-wide Intelligent Transport Services deployment on the Trans-European Road Network

More details can be found in the IIID Traffic&Transport Brochure

The organizer: IIID

The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) was founded to develop research and practice in optimizing information and information systems for knowledge transfer in everyday life, business, education and science. Activities so far have decisively fostered the definition of the new field of knowledge and professional practice and made IIID a globally renowned authority in the field.


IIID is an Associate of the OECD Global Project on “Measuring the Progress of Societies“

IIID is recommended by UNESCO as a partner organization for world wide co-operation on matters of information design (Resolution 4.9 of the 28th General Conference of UNESCO, 1995, Paris)

IIID is an Affiliate Member of ICOGRADA International Council of Graphic Design Associations
A Partner of the International Design Alliance


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