IIID Traffic&Transport 2010
9 —10 September 2010, Tech Gate Vienna, Austria

5th International IIID Expert Forum Traffic & Transport Information Systems
The world's leading event in the field.



Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
Austrian Federal Railways
Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region

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ARGE Verkehrslenkzentrale der Wiener Schnellbahn
Traffic. Software. Service
Siemens AG Österreich
Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG
Traffic Management Systems

Real time information
in multimodal transport networks
Special session: Innovations in traffic & transport information

Real time information, enhanced by intelligent information design, can reduce experienced uncertainty, effectively diminishing the main reason why too many people rely only on their car for transportation.

The Expert Forum will focus on technical requirements and user preferences and how real time information can help determine the most convenient journey - which is often a combination of private and public transport.

Preferences of travellers are not only determined by the overall speed of journeys. Other parameters are, in varying degrees: reliability, comfort, safety and cost.

Reliability (or the lowest possible uncertainty) intrinsically determines the perception of the overall travel time. To counteract irregularities, effective system management precautions are needed. However, these must be translated into readily available information, which can be understood and utilized by travellers.



Themes the Expert Forum is expected to cover:

- Real time information in multimodal transport systems (main topic)
- Harmonization of real time information communicated in stations, at stops, on web sites, mobile phone   displays, via loud speakers etc.
- Real time information in case of "Out of Service" or irregularities (e.g. because of an accident)
- Real time information in atypical transport situations (e.g. replacement bus services)
- Combining real time passenger information with real time road traffic information
- Real time information at traffic junctions/hubs to facilitate the speedy transfer/change from one   transport mode to another
- User requirements, preferences and priorities

Presentations should, whenever possible, include case studies and evaluation reports.


Presentations will be divided into three sessions:
- Status
- Optimizing the status
- Beyond status


Special session:
Innovations in traffic & transport information

As in 2009, the Expert Forum will include a special session geared to attract information managers, designers and educators whose professional focus is on traffic and transport information.

The session will focus on innovative projects and results beyond real time information. We are looking forward to receiving contributions from projects on: the planning and harmonization of information
systems for individual and public transport, the provision of traveller information on mobile phone displays or via other innovative interfaces, the overcoming of communication problems encountered by
people with special needs, initiatives based on mobility relevant information that addresses travellers, increasing awareness of the interdependencies between travel modes and personal health and safety,
and energy consumption and an inhabitable environment. The indicated issues are, of course, not exhaustive.

The session will also include an update on the compiled source material on subject specific standards.


Who should attend?

- Transport providers and authorities
- Interest groups representing travellers and people with special needs
- Information designers and managers
- Transport developers and manufacturers of real time information systems, software and displays
- Educators with an interest in traffic and transport information.


International Institute for Information Design (IIID)


Prof. Dr.Tech. Per Mollerup (Mollerup Designlab A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark / Oslo National Academy of The Arts, Norway / Faculty of Design, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia)

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Program Committee

We are grateful for the work of the program committee for Traffic&Transport 2010.
Evaluating submissions for the event were: 
- Tim Fendley, Principal, AIG: Applied Information Group, London, Vancouver 
- Prof. Jorge Frascara, University of Alberta, Canada and University Iuav of Venice 
- Yo Kaminagai, Environments design and identity Unit manager, RATP: Régie autonome
  des transports Parisiens, Paris 
- Keiichi Koyama, Principal, i-design inc., Tokyo 
- Prof. Per Mollerup, Mollerup Designlab A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark / Faculty of Design,
  Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia 
- Helmut Ness, Board Member, Fuenfwerken Design AG, Berlin 
- Christian Pettauer, Head of Systems and IT, OeBB: Austrian Federal Railways, Wien/Vienna 
- Peter Simlinger, Director, IIID: International Institute for Information Design,  Wien/Vienna 
- Andrea Stuetz, Head of Planning, Research & Development, VOR: Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region,
- Walter Wasner, Unit of Mobility and Transport Technologies, BMVIT: Austrian Federal Ministry
  of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Wien/Vienna 


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